Maintaining the invaluable waterways of Chatham, Cape Cod MA for future generations

Mission & Information

To serve as an information resource regarding the condition, development, preservation and enhancement of Chatham’s waterways, ponds, and adjoining lands, and to take action on these issues.

A primary interest is ensuring that the management of Chatham waterways for recreational and commercial purposes is accomplished in ways that are compatible for the conservation of the community’s natural resources and the character of the area.

In addition, we define issues of public concern for public discussion and debate, prepare informational materials, sponsor public forums, monitor and work with town agencies to achieve common goals. We express FCW positions at public hearings and town meetings, and take such other actions as our Board of Directors determines to be necessary to support our mission.

Information – A listing of some of FCW’s work since 1983.


Video: Rough Weather Ahead with Dr. Jennifer Francis

WHRC presents Rough Weather Ahead: How Climate Change is Making Our Weather More Extreme with Dr. Jennifer Francis.

It’s only August and already 2019 has delivered a rash of extreme weather events around the globe. In the United States we’ve seen record snows in many western states, record flooding in the Midwest, record heatwaves in Alaska and the East, record rainfall along the Mississippi Valley, and even tornadoes on Cape Cod. Can we point a finger at climate change? And in particular, what does the melting Arctic have to do with it?

Dr. Jennifer Francis is world-renowned for her research on Arctic climate change impacts and the resulting effect on weather in other regions of the world. Dr. Francis’ research has focused specifically on the connection between the rapidly warming Arctic and a weakened jet stream. She is regularly quoted in major media outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, and in 2019, she testified to the U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee on climate change and its connection to extreme weather. Dr. Francis received her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington and her undergraduate degree from San Jose State.

Dr. Francis' PowerPoint slides can be found here:  Jennisfer Francis Slides